Big Data for Managers

Techniques to Leverage Big Data to Gain Business Values


  • Appreciate the four characteristics of big data
  • Familiarize with the levels of big data analytics
  • Identify big data opportunities
  • Understand big data lifecycle and frameworks
  • Apply operational and advanced big data analytics to business value

Main Target Group

  • Data and Information Analysts
  • Professionals in Operation Monitoring and Control Centers
  • Business and government leaders
  • Educators, researchers, technologists and academics
  • Professionals working in industrial, energy, manufacturing, retail, information technology, engineering, finance, procurement and human resource fields


  • Four Main Characteristics of Big Data
  • Big Data Revolution in Business
  • Big Data Lifecycle and Workflow
  • Big Data Analytics Concepts and Techniques
  • Big Data-Based Methods and Models
  • Operational Big Data Analytics: Descriptive and Diagnostic
  • Advanced Big Data Analytics: Predictive, Prescriptive, and Cognitive

online and onsite

1 day
Alternatively: 1 week, 8 hours per week (available only online) 

online: It is per day per person

special group enrolment price: get a 20% discount if you enroll with at least two colleagues
onsite: + mobilization cost 

Upon completion of the course, PlutosTech grants a verified digital certificate of completion to the delegates.


This training course will utilize a variety of proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, retention of the information presented.
The training course is conducted in the comfort of any location of your choice.

Why choose the seminar?

The flow of big data in-and-out of the work environment represents big opportunities for businesses to add unprecedented capabilities. As corporates shift paradigms towards higher levels of integration, intelligence, efficiency, and sustainability, effective exploitation of the big data becomes the need of the hour. One of the strategies to recognize patterns, identify explanatory features’ relationships, test scenarios for comprehensive calculated decisions, and extract innovative insights is advanced big data analytics.
This training course aims to highlight innovative techniques that leverage big data and their application to gain actionable insights that garner business values. Additionally, the training highlights the levels of big data analytics, including operational and advanced techniques.