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Matrikon OPC

Matrikon software and training, solutions enable OT and IT professionals to focus on working with control automation data anywhere in the enterprise and cloud instead of spending time and energy figuring out how to access the data securely and reliably.

PlutosTech is Matrikon’s diamond partner in Qatar, Turkey & United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. We are a value-added reseller of technology licenses and an industrial solutions provider of OPC Classic & UA software.

OPC DA/UA Tunneller


  • Enables seamless OPC data transfer through multiple mediums across geographical locations
  • Addresses problems with using OPC Classic components based on DCOM
  • Eliminates permission issues encountered across domains and workgroups
  • Provides 64-bit support for both client-side and server-side connections
  • Employs an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Operates in the familiar Microsoft Windows environment
  • Requires minimal user knowledge of OPC UA
  • Eliminates rip-and-replace of OPC Classic assets

OPC Funnel


OPC Funnel provides a single gateway that enables you to connect with multiple OPC Servers easily, it maximizes the value of your OPC Servers by enabling you to access all the data you need simultaneously.

OPC Servers


There are lots of different OPC Servers exist in the market.  Together with our Partner Matrikon, we offer data connectivity with different OPC Server Suite products:

  • PLC OPC Server 
  • DCS OPC Server 
  • Building Automation OPC Server 
  • Telemetry SCADA OPC Server 
  • Turbine controller OPC Server 
  • Historical Data Access Suite

Our products can be used in any industry that requires guaranteed data delivery.

OPC Data Manager


OPC Data Manager is a software application that transfers data from one OPC server to another. It’s used for sharing process data between multiple control systems. For example, when you need to share data between PLC and DCS control systems, Matrikon OPC Data Manager will accomplish the tasks with standard, off-the-shelf connections. 

OPC Data Manager is specifically designed to share real-time, historical, and alarm & events data between two or more control systems in a secure and reliable manner.