Fundamentals of the Internet of Things


  • IoT technology trends
  • IoT connectivity architectures
  • Operational technology opportunities in an industry context
  • Implications of IoT
  • Evolving completely automated enterprise


  • Describe non-human data creation, communication, and actions
  • Map IoT elements onto logical information control design models
  • Recognize the implications of increased connectivity
  • Develop a basic Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) model
  • Optimize the design and function of IIoT systems

Main Target Group

  • Professionals who want to learn effective techniques to adopt IoT technologies
  • Technical professionals in the oil and gas industry
  • Leaders and professionals in business and government organizations that deal with energy resources
  • Researchers and educators in the arena of engineering and digital transformation
  • Professionals with an interest in smart connected products and future digital operations


Day One – Fundamentals of IoT

  • IoT overview
  • IoT key features
  • IoT components
  • IoT advantages and motivation
  • IoT challenges and risks

Day Two – IIoT in the oil industry

  • IIoT architecture
  • Mapping IIoT elements
  • Basic automation process control
  • Open vs closed automation systems
  • Real-world process automation and control

Day Three – Implications of IoT

  • Digital intensity
  • Digital maturity
  • Digital transformation
  • IoT proposal development
  • IoT proposal presentation

Day Four – IoT Big Data Analytics

  • Big data 4 features
  • Levels of analytics
  • Opportunity assessment framework for big data analytics
  • Applications in oil & gas
  • Plant information system for oilfield and refining/petrochemical facilities

Day Five – Cybersecurity

  • Understanding the threat
  • Oilfield as a critical infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity Vs. physical security
  • System-based approach
  • Integrated solutions

online and onsite

5 days or a
lternatively 5 weeks, 8 hours per week (available only online) 

online: It is per day per person

special group enrolment price: get a 20% discount if you enroll with at least two colleagues
onsite: + mobilization cost

Upon completion of the course, PlutosTech grants a verified digital certificate of completion to the delegates.


This training course will utilize a variety of proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, and retention of the information and innovative methods presented. This includes the presentation of theoretical concepts, team and individual exercises, case study analyses, educational videos, lab exercises, and real-life applications. Participants in this training course will receive thorough training on the subjects covered by the seminar outline.
The delegates will also be acquainted with the design and implementation of IoT systems and defend the decisions made.

Why choose this Training Course?

How can emerging smart connected products transform the oil and gas industry across the board? More and more instruments are being connected to each other in the competition towards a completely automated enterprise to create a digital value proposition that distinguishes the enterprise from others.
Participants in this course will gain first-hand exposure to new advantages generated through the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies while honing the digital engineering skills required to boost competitiveness.

Organizational Impact

As more instruments are connected to each other creating non-human data, communication, and actions, the IoT phenomena will dominate and inevitably result in a tectonic shift in workplace digital skills requirements. Digital successful companies will witness more hybrid engineers who possess both digital and technical asset skills.

Personal Impact

The delegates will acquire knowledge and hands-on experience to become more effective developers, evaluators, and users of IoT systems and platforms. They will learn strategies to perform a quality check and make strategic recommendations to embark on opportunities.